Changelog May 2022

Published on 01 Jun 2022 by TraksAG

A fair amount of things changed during May, especially on the Creative server. Some of these changes were posted on our Discord server in various channels, but ya’ll might have missed those posts. Here’s an overview of the changes!


  • Totally didn’t change the moderator rank colour.
  • Fancy /mspt and /tps commands are available on all servers instead of a limited few.

Creative & BuildComp

  • Everyone can use the debug stick (it works properly with plot protection).
  • Fixed an issue with /back teleporting you to the wrong spot.
  • Fixed /p setbiome lag.
  • There’s a new plot flag “projectiles” that allows others to shoot projectiles on your plot.
  • Allow the use of splash/lingering potions, ender eyes, chicken eggs, experience bottles and TNT minecarts. Note that chicken eggs don’t spawn chickens and TNT minecarts don’t do block damage.
  • Gave everyone access to the following plot flags: misc-interact, vine-grow, heal, block-burn, copper-oxide, coral-dry, device-interact, drop-protection, grass-grow, ice-form, invincible, kelp-grow, mycel-grow, player-interact, snow-form and soil-dry.
  • In BuildComp you can use some additional plot flags that you could already use in Creative.
  • Increased a bunch of potion effect amplifier limits.
  • Increased a bunch of enchantment level limits.
  • Support f3+n and f3+f4 gamemode switching.
  • Give players a welcome book when they join Creative for the first time. You can get a copy at the Creative spawn.
  • More heads in the head database /hdb.

Survival 1 & Survival 2

  • In Survival 1 you used to get teleported to spawn when you fell into the Overworld void. This was removed some time ago. I’m not sure if this was documented before, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it.
  • Enabled treasure maps, because it looks like they don’t cause significant lag anymore.


  • Increased the TNT render distance to make sure you can see TNT everywhere while playing.
  • Teleport spectators back inside the world border if they spectate an entity that leaves the world border (such as fireballs).
  • Delete flying fireballs in more circumstances, so they don’t secretly pile up outside the arena.


  • Updated the datapack from v1.2.1 to v1.2.3. Check out the changes for v1.2.2 here and the changes for v1.2.3 here. Among others:
    • Reduced the number of rendered particles.
    • Hopefully fixed player name colours not applying in chat.
  • Increased some entity render distances to match those in MissileWars.
  • Made knockback behaviour more like MissileWars (shouldn’t really be noticeable in normal gameplay).

FishSlap & IceRunner

  • Fixed knockback not applying when you hit someone who’s shifting on a ledge. Knockback is still a bit glitchy, but much better than before.


  • SnowySkirmish can now be played on Minecraft Realms! To celebrate this, you can also play the game on CubeKrowd again. Join via the game lobby or with /ss1. A perfect way to cool down in the summer.


  • You know the drill.

1.18.2 is live on CubeKrowd!

Published on 01 May 2022 by TraksAG

Most of CubeKrowd has been running on 1.18.2 for a couple of weeks. But now we’ve fully updated! Here is a list of changes that came with this update. As usual please report any and all issues you encounter.


  • Updated all servers to Minecraft 1.18.2. Players must connect with a 1.18.2 client.
  • Removed the light particle trail as vanilla no longer has it.
  • Updated our chat filter in minigames:
    • One full caps word of up to 16 characters is now allowed.
    • Instead of blocking messages with too many caps, they are converted to lower case.
    • Mark more than 16 of the same character in a row as spam.
  • Extended all worlds by 64 blocks at both the top and bottom (except for Nether and The End worlds).

Creative & BuildComp

  • In BuildComp and Creative’s plot world and flat world we filled in new terrain below Y = 0. If you have holes in the bedrock of your plot/flat world area, this new terrain may have generated weirdly. You might want to make sure it looks alright.
  • More heads in the HeadDatabase.
  • Allow everyone to break the bedrock at the bottom of their plots.
  • Gave permission for /anvil to Donator 2.
  • Amethyst clusters drop amethyst shards when broken by a piston.


  • Added a way to obtain deepslate ores through greenhouses. Check the greenhouses documentation here for more information.
  • There are some issues with Nether portals, such as: they don’t work above Y = 256 and below Y = 0, they don’t link up properly, and they may teleport you to unsafe places. We’re not sure when this will get fixed by the plugin maintainers.

Survival 1

  • No more daily restarts, because the memory leak that was plaguing us, got fixed.
  • Fixed the lag spikes that occurred whenever someone died.
  • As some may know, Paper (the Minecraft server software we use) disables vanilla gravity block duping. We used a custom version of Paper called Sandpaper to enable gravity block duping. We switched from Sandpaper to a (public) plugin called GravityControl.
  • Added damage statistics to Ender Dragon fights.

Survival 2

  • A new survival world is online! The theme of this Survival 2 is the 1.18 update: caves and cliffs. This Survival 2 will end whenever CubeKrowd updates to 1.19.
  • There are several vanilla tweaks installed: armour statues, player/mob head drops, dragon drops, silence mobs, coordinate HUD, redstone/terracotta rotation wrench, fast leaf decay and timber. Click here for more information.
  • Some crafting tweaks are also installed: dropper to dispenser, rotten flesh to leather, charcoal to black dye, universal dyeing, craftable 2x2 coral blocks, craftable bundles (leather & rabbit hide), unpack ice, unpack nether wart, unpack wool. Click here for more information.
  • Fixed the lag spikes that occurred whenever someone died.
  • Added damage statistics to Ender Dragon fights.


  • Moved the arena and lobby down by 64 blocks and moved the bedrock ceiling up by 64 blocks.
  • Added more barriers around the lobby.
  • Don’t allow spectators to move too far outside the world border. This prevents some server crashes.
  • The view distance was 16 (unintentionally?), it’s 12 now.


  • Went offline because all the snow melted.


  • Allow the use of composters again as they can no longer be used to X-ray in 1.18.
  • Added an experimental height world border to make the final playing area even smaller.


  • Still offline :(.

Log4j2 security vulnerability and workaround

Published on 09 Dec 2021 by Lekro, TraksAG

Edit: Mojang has posted an official announcement regarding this issue, be sure to check it out! You can find the announcement here. In case you’re interested in the technical details, the exploit is officially known as CVE-2021-44228, which you can use as a search term.

We’ve become aware of a security vulnerability affecting both minecraft clients and servers. This is a serious vulnerability. In essence, the exploit works by sending special messages in chat. These messages force your computer to connect to a malicious computer. Please follow the instructions in this blog post to work around the issue for your Minecraft client.

1.17.1 is live on CubeKrowd!

Published on 19 Jul 2021 by TraksAG

CubeKrowd is now running on Minecraft 1.17.1! A few of CubeKrowd’s third-party plugins have undergone significant changes. There are also a bunch of small changes that we have made. As usual please report any and all issues you encounter.

1.16.2 is live on CubeKrowd!

Published on 03 Sep 2020 by JohnStar128

We’re pleased to announce CubeKrowd is now running on Minecraft 1.16.2! With this update, we’ve brought a whole host of new features, changes and all around improvements! As usual please report any and all issues you encounter.


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