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1.20.1 is live on CubeKrowd!

Published on 15 Jul 2023 by JohnStar128

CubeKrowd just got updated to 1.20.1! The update comes with a whole host of features, but there’s a few new changes we’ve done on our end too.

As always, please report any bugs or issues you encounter after this update.


  • Updated all servers to Minecraft 1.20.1. You need a 1.20.1 client to join.
  • Emerald rank brackets have been updated. Instead of changing your normal brackets to green, they will stay the same color but will instead be accented by green bars surrounding it.
  • Emerald rank now has two new commands:
    • /spyglass - Gives a spyglass
    • /lift - Allows other players to ride you by right clicking on you
  • New pets on our store: The Camel and The Sniffer.


  • Enabled the jump pads plugin we use in Lobby in the Creative server.
    • Jump pads are placed by putting a diamond, redstone, lapis or emerald block two blocks below a pressure plate. Each block has a different vertical and horizontal launch strength.


  • We are hosting a BuildComp on July 21st at 16:00 UTC! Check our Discord announcement for more info


  • New challenges/Greenhouses are to come at a later date.


  • Despite the update adding a handful of features, we are not expanding the world border.
    • All newly added items will be available at spawn in a few weeks.
  • The suspicious blocks to be available at spawn will contain all possible loot you can get from various types of suspicious blocks with relatively similar chances.
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