These rules apply to all services operated by CubeKrowd, including the Minecraft and Discord servers. A full version of each rule can be accessed by clicking on its title.


Spam in chat is not welcome. Offenders will receive warnings, with more serious offenders receiving a possible mute on the server. Spam is considered to be repeatedly typing the same or similar message in the chat, whether in personal messages or in global chat. No full sentences in capital letters in chat. However, abbreviations such as LOL are okay to be used in sentences.
Rude and unfriendly behavior is not tolerated. Don't be a pain or irritate other players on the server. Do not jokingly or otherwise threaten to hack/DDoS the server or other players. We do not take lightly to this and offenders will get an instant ban.
Discrimination e.g. being racist, ageist, sexist is just disrespectful to players and so will not be tolerated. This also applies in our Discord, so be careful what you say there. Rudeness and arguments towards other players is also unwelcome. Provoking other players to become aggressive through mindless trolling is also unacceptable. We consider you to be a troll when you post inflammatory, irrelevant, or off topic messages or comments to players to primarily elicit dismay responses.
The majority of our staff primarily speaks English. If you do not speak English, or wish to communicate on the server with another language, you are more than welcome to private message other players in the game with the /m command.
If you see any personal information about a player through social media websites then we do not wish you to spread that information on the server. The majority of people have a private life and would like it to remain private from the server.
To report bugs and glitches, use our bug tracker which you can find here. People who exploit glitches should be reported. Glitches in survival that are allowed currently include: rail duplicating, vanilla x-ray trick, and bedrock breaking.
New players may be confused or lost on how to reach a destination. Just because they are new and a Guest doesn't mean you can't help show them around the server. Helping them get to know the server better helps the community become stronger.
We do not want to see anything on CubeKrowd or in chat that would be considered not safe for work. There is a large range of ages in our player base and they should not have to worry about seeing such profanity. Swearing in chat (profane language) is also unwelcome. Regular offenders will have a long term mute. As an additional note, we do not want players online who have rude/inappropriate skins/usernames. If we find you to have one, we will ask you to change it before you may log back in. Builds that are also seen as inapropriate will be removed without warning and the creator(s) will be banned.
Hacked clients, like on the majority of good servers, will not be allowed. If you see someone using any form of hacks on the server then please report that user to the staff immediately. Please don't use mouse macros to auto click during minigames, or use it on other servers where it would give you an unfair advantage. If you have concerns whether a mod you are using is allowed or not on the server, please contact Admins.
Do not advertise any IPs in our chat or in personal messages. If you would like to bring an audience to your server, our server is not the place to do so. Links of YouTube videos in chat is by all means acceptable. As long as these videos are not offensive to anyone or deemed to be inappropriate to young audiences. However we do not appreciate it if you spam the chat with video links promoting yourself or other. Links that direct you to an image are accepted as long as they are appropriate and not offensive. If possible, include a brief description of the image or video so people know what they are expecting. Do not post screamers in chat or in messages. This is classed as trolling. Any links that are of pornographic nature, the person posting them will have an immediate ban. Streaming links can be posted in chat if you are streaming content affiliated with CubeKrowd.
Changing your username to something inappropriate will result in a 30 day suspension of the account. Suspension on the account will be extended if the name has not been changed to one that is appropriate.
With the permissions you are given, be responsible with them. With WorldEdit, make sure you do not cause Creative to crash. Crashing Creative 3 times in a short period result in temporary loss of WorldEdit. Players + Staff are not to abuse their powers, report them in the player reports form. If you believe there is an error in your privileges, contact staff about it.
Make sure your account is safe and secure to make sure others do not have access to it. If siblings or friends are found to be using your account and are in violation of the rules, there is no exceptions and the account may get banned. Equally, don't give your account to another player for them to get the account Member. Alt accounts are fine to be used if you wish to AFK at farms while you are online. AFKing over a number of days/nights with an alt is discouraged but not prohibited.
During a game of Missile Wars, IceRunner or other game, do not team grief. In MissileWars, do not spawn missiles inside your team's other missiles, or shoot them with projectiles. Do not make spawn traps in front of the spawning platform. If you see a player playing improperly, report them to staff.
Minigame servers are primarily for public use and priority always goes to normal gameplay. You must not hog servers and must allow people to play normally if they want to. Do not cause a mess, and always clean up after you are done.


People who have built redstone devices on their plot for the public to view do not wish for their redstone to be spammed. If you wish your redstone to be used by others without permission, use the `/p flag add use ` function available to everyone in Creative. If we catch you purposely spamming people's redstone contraptions and causing them to malfunction, you will be banned. Redstone triggers such as levers, buttons are tracked. Anyone found spamming them will be caught.
Please don't setup redstone machines to continuously fire out arrows or other projectiles onto yours or others plots as this can cause lag and can irritate people! Other projectiles include armor stands, sand, anvils, minecarts etc. If we find you have fired these outside your plot, you risk being banned.
Do not copy builds from other people's? plots without direct permission from the owner. This includes using World Edit to copy it to your plot and also using a world downloader mod. Give people credit where credit is due. Do not attempt to take credit for builds that are not your own, especially when trying to earn Member.
Using bugs in the mechanics of the game to edit the roads or even another plot is strictly prohibited. We don't want to waste our time clearing these. Refer to the "Do not abuse bugs or glitches" section. If you want your plot entrance wall to be edited (the slabs or wall), just ask a staff member.
Redstone can be wonderful however very damaging. Please don?t leave redstone clocks turned ON as it can cause users to lag and sometimes even the server. Please make clocks have a toggle function to turn 'off' and 'on' if possible or remove them when you are finished. Don't build large machines causing lots of light updates continuously by using clocks. If you are found with a lag machine built to cause intentional harm, you risk being permanently banned. Any clocks left running without a toggle switch will be removed by staff.
In Creative plots or FlatMap, do not build any content deemed to cause offence to a particular person or group. Builds or content that are publically displayed and NSFW will be removed without warning and the creator will be banned.
Make sure you do not cause Creative to crash. Crashing Creative 3 times in a short period result in temporary loss of WorldEdit. Do not set a roof/platform above your plot in one operation. Create the platform in sections to reduce chances of crashing creative. We advice a transparent platform.


On your island, do not build any content deemed to cause offence to a particular person or group. Builds or content that are publically displayed and NSFW will be removed without warning. The creator will be banned.
If you see item drops on an island, do not take them. Do not kill their mobs on the island or lure mobs to grief the islands. Never trade with peoples villagers without direct permission from the island owner.
The warp to your island must be safe for players to enter when open. Killing players with unsafe warps is not only rude and unfriendly behavior, but will be considered an act of griefing other players items/xp.
The use of TNT or other measures to fire objects onto other people's islands is not allowed and will be considered griefing. Do not fire eggs, arrows or similar projectiles onto other peoples islands. This also includes flying TNT machines.
Use our bug tracker, which you can find here. People who exploit glitches should be reported. Glitches in skyblock that are allowed currently include rail duplicating.
Only certain kinds of scripts, macros and auto clickers are allowed. See the Approved Mods and Tools List here.


All builds must be marked by placing a sign with your name (IGN) on it at the entrance and any other relevant locations such as corners. All unmarked builds will be at risk of being lost if left disowned for a long period of time. This lets us and others know whose area it is they are in. Also helpful is marking your portals in the overworld, and in the nether.
Unless a chest is marked with a sign saying it is public, then assume that the chest is private. Public farms should be marked clearly too. Going to other people's land and removing contents that you wish to obtain yourself is prohibited. This includes animals. If you see any animals inside someone's land then do not cause harm to them. Do not trade with peoples villagers if they are not yours and you do not have permission. Do not breed other players horses, mules, or donkeys without their permission. Failure to conform to this will result in a removal of entry to the Survival server. Survival will track your every action. Thefts and griefs are being recorded.
Do not build or make changes on the spawn island or the nearby ocean without permissions. Go across the ocean that's surronds spawn to the main land and its shores before building. If you wish for your land to be private then clearly mark all corners of the claimed area with signs containing your name. Do not claim any land that's within 200 blocks of another's base or build without their concent. With the problem of two users wanting the same area, the first person there will always take priority in owning the land. The seed for survival has been kept private by staff to stop land exploitation through raiding loot chests. We recommend you use our Dynmap if you want to locate a suitable location for your builds. We don't tolerate the use of programs for finding Temples and such in the aim to raid them for the loot.
Survival is PvE. Indirect PvP is not allowed. This includes but not is limited to dropping anvils on heads, TNT traps, and putting lava in front of people in the aim to kill/damage and steal drops. If you have your PVP enabled and are killed, your items must be returned by the attacker. If not, we consider this theft of items.
On the survival server, we allow use of the Rail Duplicator glitch that allows users to duplicate certain rail types. We also allow use of the X-Ray trick (but not any form of x-ray mod or texture pack) that allows you to find caves from pushing a block into your head. Breaking bedrock is allowed, so long as it's in the close proximity to your portal or for the benefit of others such as access to your build. However, in future updates this may not be available. Other than those, we do not allow any other forms of glitches or bugs to be exploited.
Do not build any content deemed to be NSFW or cause offence to a particular person or group. Builds or content that are publically displayed and NSFW will be removed without warning. The creator(s) will be banned.
The space from Y = 40 to Y = 60 is reserved for public Nether roads, although staff may make exceptions. Above Y = 60 you may claim space for bases and farms. If you want to use a tunnel bore in the Nether, go below Y = 30. Ask staff first if you want to use a tunnel bore higher up in the Nether.
Only certain kinds of scripts, macros and auto clickers are allowed. See the Approved Mods and Tools List here.

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