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1.19 is live on CubeKrowd!

Published on 09 Jul 2022 by TraksAG

CubeKrowd got updated to 1.19. Here is a list all the changes that came with the update. Recent changes made before the update are also included below. As usual please report any and all issues you encounter.


  • Updated all servers to Minecraft 1.19. You can only join with a 1.19 client.
  • Note that signed chat messages were added to 1.19: if others receive a signed chat message they can be sure you wrote it and not someone else. This feature is currently disabled on CubeKrowd. Mojang is planning to use this feature for player chat reporting in 1.19.1 (see here). We’ll decide how to deal with Mojang chat reporting after Mojang releases 1.19.1.
  • Added a couple new trails, do /trails.
  • Made the trails GUI update properly when you click on items.
  • Note that the new 1.19 mobs aren’t available as pets yet.


  • Fixed some issues with our dropper maps:
    • You could get teleported when falling into water sometimes. This should now be fixed.
    • Sometimes falling on a block didn’t teleport you back to the start. This should now be fixed.

Creative & BuildComp

  • Allow elytra rocket boosting on roads and on other people’s plots.
  • Updated the plots plugin:
    • More fixes for /p h teleporting you to the wrong position.
    • Fix the plot wall not resetting when you clear a plot.
    • Fix issues with plot heal and feed flags.
    • The plot flag remove command now displays the removed value properly.
  • Installed a new custom armour stands plugin with live armour stand editing. Grab a flint (not a flint and steel) and right click with it to open up the main GUI. In the bottom right corner there’s a help book with more information. Feedback is welcome!
  • Put a limit on instant health/damage potions as they could be used to kill players in creative mode.
  • Some time ago the plots plugin switched to a new formatting system for plot greeting/farewell messages. This broke the colours of all existing greeting/farewell messages in the Creative plots world. We’ve now updated all old plot greeting/farewell messages to use the new system. If you want to use it yourself, use e.g. /p flag set greeting <red>hi. For more information on the new formatting system, see here.

Survival 1

  • Skipping the night behaves more like vanilla now:
    • The rain timout won’t reset if you skip the night. So it will eventually start raining even if you skip all nights.
    • The hotbar messages now display the correct values.
  • Increased the Overworld world border from 15,000 by 15,000 blocks to 20,000 by 20,000 blocks. That’s close to double the surface area! The new chunks are freshly generated in 1.19.

Survival 2

  • The current Survival 2 ended! We’ll provide a download link for the world soon in the Links section.

FishSlap & IceRunner

  • It seems that 1.19 fixes the knockback bug on ledges properly.


  • Updated the announcements to match those in other games.
  • Added /spectate command.


  • Hmmmm…
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