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1.18.2 is live on CubeKrowd!

Published on 01 May 2022 by TraksAG

Most of CubeKrowd has been running on 1.18.2 for a couple of weeks. But now we’ve fully updated! Here is a list of changes that came with this update. As usual please report any and all issues you encounter.


  • Updated all servers to Minecraft 1.18.2. Players must connect with a 1.18.2 client.
  • Removed the light particle trail as vanilla no longer has it.
  • Updated our chat filter in minigames:
    • One full caps word of up to 16 characters is now allowed.
    • Instead of blocking messages with too many caps, they are converted to lower case.
    • Mark more than 16 of the same character in a row as spam.
  • Extended all worlds by 64 blocks at both the top and bottom (except for Nether and The End worlds).

Creative & BuildComp

  • In BuildComp and Creative’s plot world and flat world we filled in new terrain below Y = 0. If you have holes in the bedrock of your plot/flat world area, this new terrain may have generated weirdly. You might want to make sure it looks alright.
  • More heads in the HeadDatabase.
  • Allow everyone to break the bedrock at the bottom of their plots.
  • Gave permission for /anvil to Donator 2.
  • Amethyst clusters drop amethyst shards when broken by a piston.


  • Added a way to obtain deepslate ores through greenhouses. Check the greenhouses documentation here for more information.
  • There are some issues with Nether portals, such as: they don’t work above Y = 256 and below Y = 0, they don’t link up properly, and they may teleport you to unsafe places. We’re not sure when this will get fixed by the plugin maintainers.

Survival 1

  • No more daily restarts, because the memory leak that was plaguing us, got fixed.
  • Fixed the lag spikes that occurred whenever someone died.
  • As some may know, Paper (the Minecraft server software we use) disables vanilla gravity block duping. We used a custom version of Paper called Sandpaper to enable gravity block duping. We switched from Sandpaper to a (public) plugin called GravityControl.
  • Added damage statistics to Ender Dragon fights.

Survival 2

  • A new survival world is online! The theme of this Survival 2 is the 1.18 update: caves and cliffs. This Survival 2 will end whenever CubeKrowd updates to 1.19.
  • There are several vanilla tweaks installed: armour statues, player/mob head drops, dragon drops, silence mobs, coordinate HUD, redstone/terracotta rotation wrench, fast leaf decay and timber. Click here for more information.
  • Some crafting tweaks are also installed: dropper to dispenser, rotten flesh to leather, charcoal to black dye, universal dyeing, craftable 2x2 coral blocks, craftable bundles (leather & rabbit hide), unpack ice, unpack nether wart, unpack wool. Click here for more information.
  • Fixed the lag spikes that occurred whenever someone died.
  • Added damage statistics to Ender Dragon fights.


  • Moved the arena and lobby down by 64 blocks and moved the bedrock ceiling up by 64 blocks.
  • Added more barriers around the lobby.
  • Don’t allow spectators to move too far outside the world border. This prevents some server crashes.
  • The view distance was 16 (unintentionally?), it’s 12 now.


  • Went offline because all the snow melted.


  • Allow the use of composters again as they can no longer be used to X-ray in 1.18.
  • Added an experimental height world border to make the final playing area even smaller.


  • Still offline :(.
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